Listed below is our current repertoire. Each week, we add lyrics and a little history to the PDF of the sheet music. Please check back often to see what’s new!

Amazing Grace (with Highland Cathedral; includes seconds)

Army Goes Rolling Along, The (aka Caissons, with The Marine Corps Hymn)

Atholl Highlanders, The (Parts 1 and 2; includes seconds)

Barren Rocks of Aden, The (with Wha’ Saw the 42nd)

Battle’s O’er (with The Green Hills of Tyrol; includes seconds)

Blue Bells of Scotland, The (with The Minstrel Boy; includes seconds)

Bonny Lass of Fyvie, The (with The Cockney Jocks)

Brown Haired Maiden, The (with The High Road to Gairloch)

Castle Dangerous (with seconds)

Cockney Jocks, The (with The Bonny Lass of Fyvie)

Corriechoille’s Welcome (with Johnny Cope and Teribus)

Dawning of the Day, The (with Will Ye No Come Back Again; includes seconds)

Flower of Scotland (with Wi’ a Hundred Pipers and Hot Punch)

Gardens of Skye, The (with The Meeting of the Waters and The Piper’s Cave)

Garry Owen (with O’Sullivan’s March)

God Bless America (with Grand Old Flag)

God Save the Queen

Good King Wenceslas

Grand Old Flag (with God Bless America)

Green Hills of Tyrol, The (with When The Battle’s O’er; includes seconds)

High Road to Gairloch, The (with The Brown Haired Maiden)

Highland Cathedral (with Amazing Grace; includes seconds)

Highland Laddie (with Mairi’s Wedding)

Hot Punch (with Flower of Scotland and Hot Punch)

Johnny Cope (with Corriechoille’s Welcome and Teribus)

Johnny Scobie (with Scotland the Brave and Rowen Tree; includes seconds)

Lochanside (with seconds)

Mairi’s Wedding (with Highland Laddie)

Marine Corps Hymn, The (with The Army Goes Rolling Along aka Caissons)

Meeting of the Waters, The (with The Gardens of Skye and The Piper’s Cave)

Minstrel Boy, The (with Blue Bells of Scotland)

Mist-Covered Mountains, The (with The Skye Boat Song; includes seconds)

Murdo’s Wedding

O Come All Ye Faithful

O’Sullivan’s March (with Garry Owen)

Parting Glass, The

Piper’s Cave, The (With The Gardens of Skye and The Meeting of the Waters)

Rakes of Mallow, The (with The Wearing of the Green)

Rowan Tree, The (with Scotland the Brave and Johnny Scobie; includes seconds)

Scotland the Brave (with Rowan Tree and Johnny Scobie)

Scots Wha Hae

Skye Boat Song, The (with Mist Covered Mountains)

Star of County Down, The (with The Wearing of the Green)

Teribus (with Corriechoille’s Welcome and Johnny Cope)

Wearing of the Green, The (with The Rakes of Mallow)

Wearing of the Green, The (with The Star of County Down)

Wha’ Saw the 42nd (with The Barren Rocks of Aden)

When the Battle’s O’er (with The Green Hills of Tyrol)

When the Saints Go Marching In

Will Ye No Come Back Again (with The Dawning of the Day; includes seconds)

Wi’ a Hundred Pipers (with Flower of Scotland and Hot Punch; includes seconds)