AHPD Travels to Scotland — Twice!

Pipefest 2005. Photo: Carol Thompson

In August of 2000, The AHPD marched in the Millennium Piping Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, along with thousands of  bandsmen from around the world.  The parade, in support of Marie Curie Cancer Care, stepped off behind Edinburgh Castle and went through the heart of the city’s New Town on Princes Street.

The Atholl Highlanders returned to Edinburgh for Pipefest 2005.  This parade started near Arthur’s Seat (the remains of an extinct volcano) and concluded  on the grounds of Holyrood Palace with more than 8000 bandsmen  performing “The Black Bear” and “Scotland the Brave” together.                                          —Don Bogue

Millennium March in Edinburgh 2005
Millennium Piping Festival, Edinburgh, 2000. Source: pipefest.com
Pipefest 2005, Edinburgh.
Click to enlarge. Photo: pipefest.com.

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